4 Things To Do Before Getting A Small Dog

Small dogs have always been very popular, and it’s easy to see why. A lot of celebrities have had small dogs for years, but some of the cutest dog breeds are very small. No matter what breed you’re looking for, you should do a few essential things before getting a small dog. Here’s some advice to ensure you welcome this pup into your home without any issues:

Research the breed

Take some time to research the specific breed you’re after. This is essential when getting any dog as you need to know things like temperament, activity levels, feeding frequency, etc. It’s even more crucial with small dogs as they can be prone to some health concerns. Obviously, a smaller body is more at risk of developing joint issues or other health problems. It’s vital to check this before you bring a dog into your home. Look to see if there are any common health issues in your specific small dog breed, then make preparations for them. 

Get your eyes tested

This sounds silly, but you need to get your eyes tested before welcoming a little dog into your life. Why? If you’re out walking your dog and let it run off the leash, you need to see where they are at all times. If you have bad eyesight, you can quickly lose track of where they are. This puts them at risk as they might run away or get into a dangerous situation. Book an eye test, then visit websites that sell glasses and get a pair if you need them. Trust me, the first time you let your small dog off the leash, you’ll be glad you got your eyes tested!

Dogproof your home

Little dogs can get into some of the strangest places imaginable. Some of these places are fine – like under the sofa – but others are dangerous. What if your dog finds its way into a small area and gets stuck? You need to dogproof your home, so any dangerous areas are blocked off and impossible to get to. Likewise, it helps to maybe lay down some soft rugs or a cushioned surface around your sofas and chairs. Small dogs love jumping on sofas, but it’s a significant drop back down to the floor. They can hurt themselves if they fall on a hard surface, so you’re basically protecting them. 

Ease them in if you have other pets

Don’t throw your small dog straight into your home if you have other pets. They tend to be really yappy and boisterous, acting bigger than they really are. If you have big dogs or cats in your house, slowly introduce them to the new puppy. Keep your new dog on a leash at first, until they become accustomed to the other animals. Then, you can introduce them more naturally without any safety leashes on them. This should stop any extreme play fighting that can cause safety concerns for the small pup. 

Small dogs require a great deal of thought and consideration. They’re more vulnerable than bigger breeds, so you have to take extra good care of them. Do all of these things before bringing one into your home!

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