Holidays With Your Pet: Kent

Does the thought of leaving your dog at home whilst you go away on a vacation make you want to cry? Or, perhaps you can’t bear thinking about your little kitten being by herself whilst you’re hundreds of miles across the country? For a lot of animal owners, their pets are like their children. Would … Read more

Looking for a New Place to Walk Your Dog?

We have about four different places that we take Merrie for a walk, and although there are lots of different routes we can take, I don’t want Merrie to get too used to any of them, particularly as Newfoundlands are known for liking routine and some flatly refuse to walk anything other than their usual path!


Pet insurer MORE TH>N has developed a free ideas generator for days out with dogs – owners simply pop in their postcode and push the button, and hey presto, the tool will recommend dog-friendly holidays and days out for dogs in the UK.


MORE TH>N’s vet Andrew Moore said: “No matter what the weather, dogs need to be walked and go out every day. This new dog days out tool is the perfect solution for owners stuck in a rut, as new smells, sights and sounds are very stimulating for dogs and a paw-some antidote to the rainy day blues.”


If you are looking for a nearby dog-friendly pub, dog-friendly beach or a new walking route in the countryside, town or a new dog-friendly park – all the information is at a touch of a button.


The generator has a number of filters enabling owners to select a location and the distance they are willing to travel with a dog for some new fun.

To find out a new and exciting place to take your fur baby for a walk, just click on the Dog Days Out tool and discover somewhere fun to go tomorrow.