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  • I love my large breed puppy food, but sometimes it gets a little boring, eating the same old thing each day, the very lovely people at @naturesmenupetfood sent me a couple of pouches to try and I LOVED them! Have you tried them ?

#naturesmenu #largebreedpuppyfood #isittimeforpuppyfoodyet #merriethenewfie #lovemypuppyfood
  • This was taken a few weeks ago when my biggest sister was home from uni, I have got much bigger now, and I can't wait for her to see how big I will have grown when it's the Easter Holidays, I miss her when she's away!

#walksonthebeach #newfie #newfoundland #beachwalkwiththepuppy #merriethenewfie
  • Check out this fab giveaway over at @ottolyinlove #ottolyinlove10k
  • Every time I am naughty or I try to steal one of the children's belongings, I get put in my room, but it's OK because I can still see everyone and if anyone pushes the door, I just slap my paw against it and play peek a boo, or stick my tongue out at them!! #tongueouttuesday #newfiepup #cheekypuppy #stillcutewhennaughty #loveher
  • I have been testing out some rather yummy treats from @petgoodiebox_uk, they were delicious! Look out for my full review of their Goodie Box, later in the month. If you would like to try some, head over to and enter the code MERRIENF10 and you can get 10% discount off your order total! As they say in Moana - You're welcome xx

#petgoodiebox #yummydogtreats #tastypuppytreats #spoilyourpuppy #tastytreatsfordogs
  • I love to assume this very flattering position when I am feeling a little hot, and need to lie on the kitchen floor, and sometimes like this when I go to sleep, but after looking at lots of others, I know I am not alone!! #newfie #newfi #newfoundland #newfoundlandpuppy #newfiepup

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