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Merrie The Newfoundland Puppy has arrived!

On Friday morning we travelled to Saltash in Cornwall to collect Merrie, when we arrived we were greeted by her very gorgeous and over exuberant dad Bob, and a much more sedate mum Bracken, out of a litter of 11 there were only three puppies remaining, and they were all due to be with their new owners by Monday, which I can only assume will be quite strange for Bracken and Bob, a bit like when all the children have flown the nest!

Merrie was in to everything! She was exploring and climbing, just as we were discussing all of the dos and donts in her puppy pack, she decided to sit in the muddiest puddle EVER! Needless to say I had to change my top within 5 minutes of being in the car as I was covered!

She took to the collar and seatbelt harness really well and she was very content the entire journey back to Norfolk, she only needed the toilet once and depite us stopping on numerous occasions, she decided to do both whilst travelling along the motorway! Thankfully Neva was able to catch it all in the puppy pads we had laid down!

When we arrived at our house she had a good explore and we ensured we took her straight outside to the place where we wanted her to go to the toilet, which she did (thankfully)

It was quite late when we arrived home (approx 8pm) so we gave her a little of the food that was in her puppy pack, unsure if she would eat it, but she gobbled it down very happily. She woke at 12.30 went outside to the toilet and then settled until 5.30am, so not too bad, check back to see how she gets on over the next couple of weeks!


Welcome to Big Dog Little Adventures!

Hi, My name is Mandi, you can find out more about me and my family over at Big Family Organised Chaos and Big Family Little Adventures.

This blog has been started to document our life with Merrie the Newfoundland.

Ever since I saw the Newfoundland Rescue Display Team at a Gala in 1999, I have wanted to own a Newfoundland, and little did I know that Asa my husband had been wanting one for years, even before we had met. We now feel that the time is right to fulfil that dream. Our youngest child Viggo is now 4 and big enough to cope with a bouncy puppy, we have lots of willing volunteers to help take care of Merrie, in the older children.

We began searching a few months ago and found a lovely litter in Cornwall, which is quite a way to go, but we are very happy with our choice. We debated for a few days trying to decide on a name we all agreed with and eventually we chose Merrie.

Her mum is known as Lady Legolas and dad is Onyx Odyssey. She is black with some small bits of white, this was the photo that made our mind up which puppy to choose.

Newfoundland puppy 4 weeks old being held in arms

We collect Merrie on Friday and everyone is VERY excited!