Essential Dog Care Products For A New Puppy

A stroll down the dog care product isles of the local pet store can be a little overwhelming, but there are really only a few must-haves dog owners need when taking care of a puppy. Having these ahead of time will allow the homecoming to be a comfortable experience for the puppy and his new family.

Dog Care Products

There are a few dog care products pet owners will want to purchase even before picking up their new puppy. Practicing safety from the start will instill good habits in the puppy as well as his owner.

* Lead – It’s important to practice safety from day one. New puppies won’t be familiar with dangerous areas or the boundaries of their new environment. A light-weight lead will come in handy for the very first potty break.

* Collar and ID tags – New dog owners should have a metal tag printed with their address, phone number, and dog’s name to put around their puppy’s neck on the first day. The puppy will probably be quick to outgrow its first collar, but before then, it will have certainly served its purpose.

Just as important as these supplies for ensuring a new puppy’s safety are the essentials for a puppy’s daily care.

Feeding, grooming, and training start the first day a new puppy arrives home. Owners who have supplies on hand will be able to focus their attention on making their new puppy feel welcome and comfortable.

* Food and water bowls – Stainless steal bowls are easily washable and will stand up to chewing.

* Food– To avoid digestive issues, it’s important to continue with a familiar diet for the first few days of the new puppy’s transition. New pet owners can ask the breeder or shelter for a small supply of the food the puppy has grown accustomed to eating. If the new pet owner wants to change pet foods, he can do this by gradually mixing in the new food.

* Plastic or metal crate – Providing a crate for a new puppy offers him a quiet space all his own. Because dogs instinctively seek out a cozy den, crates are just what they need to feel at home. If introduced and used properly, a crate is likely to be a place the new puppy goes into eagerly. Crates are also useful for house training and provide a place for the new puppy to snuggle down for the night.

* Bedding – New dog owners will want to line their puppy’s crate with something comfortable. There are plenty of doggy beds on the market, but an old towel or blanket will do just fine.

* Chew toys – A few toys will provide a fun way for new pet owners to interact with their puppies. The toys can also be placed in the crate to entertain puppies when owners need to leave for a few minutes.

* Treats – A bag of doggie treats will be useful in the early stages of crate training and house breaking.

* Brush – If the new puppy is one whose hair requires frequent grooming, it’s important to get it used to regular brushing as a puppy. Starting early can insure grooming will be a relaxing time of bonding for owners and their dogs over the years.

* Pet deodorizer spray – For those times the new puppy makes a mistake on the floor, a deodorizer spray will prevent smells and repeat mistakes in the area.

Taking care of a puppy is an exciting time. Getting prepared with the essential dog care products in the days leading up to the event will only add to the fun.

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