Five Ways to Make Your Dog Fitter and Healthier

As puppy parents, we want nothing more than for our pets to be healthy and happy. That can be best achieved by giving them a routine that keeps them active. While that might depend on your dog’s age and breed, here are a few steps to take.

Adapt Your Garden

While some dogs only need a large garden or front lawn to be active, it doesn’t hurt to go one step further. This is especially true if you worry about your pooch escaping into the neighbourhood due to overexcitement. Instead, consider a dog run, which is an enclosed section they can run about in without any issues. Keep in mind that the dog run should be at least 10 feet wide and span the length of your garden. They can be filled with stuff to stimulate your pet, like toys, exercise equipment, and food. Not only that, but a dog run ensures your pooch has an exercise space that is entirely under your control. That means you don’t have to over-manage your garden, as you could plan a BBQ or let the kids play while your pup exercises in their enclosure. While a dog run does depend on a garden’s spaciousness, it has clear benefits for the household and your pup.

Have a Routine

Establishing an exercise routine is easier said than done, but dogs love predictability since it can offer them reassurance. Of course, a workout schedule will look different from the daily walks that they are accustomed to. Given this, build up to a new schedule, with different exercises for each day. Your first workout session shouldn’t be overwhelming, so it could be limited to a few games in the garden or a walk down the street. By the end of the week, you might go running, if practical, or swim, if there’s water nearby. Remember, this is a process that will intensify over time, but a predictable schedule can help.

Make Exercise Fun

Getting your dog physically fit can be as fun as you make it. That might feature creative activities, like an obstacle course for your dog run, or an adventurous hike into the wild. If you’re unsure where to go, check if there are nearby beaches or national parks. They’re great to play fetch in, or simply run as far as you two are able. Otherwise, consider farther afield since there are many dog-friendly locations dotted throughout Britain. After all, there may be nothing more inspiring for your pup than to exercise somewhere beautiful in Cornwall or the Lake District. Best of all, there are likely dog-friendly pubs and cafes around where you both can take breaks.

Invest in Gear

Unfortunately, the wrong gear can negatively influence a dog’s experience while being active. For instance, a leash that is tight might be too restrictive and uncomfortable for both you and your pup. So, choose one that is effortless to use and adaptable to the size, age, and breed of your dog. Similarly, you’ll need a portable water bowl to help them stay hydrated, as well as high visibility jackets for their protection. Your pup can stay active indoors, too, as you can even buy equipment like treadmills and balance discs. With the right choices, you can ensure your dog’s time inside and outside is both enjoyable and free of frustration.

Consider Their Diet

One way to support your pup as they get fit is to change up their diet. That means ensuring you steer clear of overindulging them with treats or leftovers, no matter how much they beg. Yes, there are plenty of products that promise the world, but you should focus on the basics of carbs, fats, minerals, protein, vitamins, and water. A balanced, nutritious diet can be transformative for your pooch’s well-being, and give them the energy and stamina to stay their fittest.

There’s nothing that a dog owner wouldn’t do for their pups. They deserve a long life full of unforgettable memories. By getting them fit, you can do a lot to make that the case.

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