How to Be the Perfect Neighbour Through Proper Petiquette

Owning a pet is one of the best experiences in the world. In no time, they become a genuine member of the family — faults and all. However, while you may be able to forgive some of their poor behaviour, your neighbours may not. Ultimately, how your pet acts is a reflection of you. Keep both of you in the good graces of your neighbours by checking out some of the tips below.

Keep Them Leashed

Outside your home, your pup should be leashed at all times. Unleashed dogs make people nervous. It does not matter how friendly or well-trained your dog is; a stranger will not be aware of these wonderful qualities. The Animal Humane Society recommends you train your dog to remain calm when they meet a new person and do not let them greet anyone unless they ask permission first.

Be on the lookout for scenarios that cause your dog to act out too. Do they get rowdy around other dogs? Do they bark at cyclists? Use the leash to help restrain your pet in these situations. Get them to heel close to your side and steer them away until they are calm again.

Scoop the Poop

It should go without saying that you need to pick up after your dog, but a recent survey found only 60 percent of dog owners do. If saving your neighbours from accidentally stepping in dog poop is not enough motivation for you, consider that dog waste is a health hazard and bad for the environment. Also, many cities and towns also have fines for those who fail to clean up.

Watch where your dog relieves themselves as well. Do not let them go on other people’s lawns, shrubs, garbage cans, or cars. Be a good citizen by curbing your dog and having plenty of extra bags with you whenever you go for a walk.

Lock in the Backyard

Sometimes you need to just open the back door and let your dog outside. Before you do so, Pet Coach advises owners to make sure your yard is secure. You do not want your dog running loose all over the neighbourhood. Not only is this dangerous for them, but it can also be frustrating to your neighbours. You do not want your dog getting into trouble in someone’s yard. This includes things like relieving themselves, digging holes, and destroying landscaping.

A fence is a great way to keep your dog securely on your own property. Adding a fence is generally a job for a pro, so make sure to do some research online to find a professional in your area. Make sure the fence goes down deep enough to prevent them from digging an escape tunnel. Your neighbours will be grateful for it and you will have peace of mind knowing your dog is safe.

Silence the Bark

Before you blow off your neighbour’s noise complaint against your dog, know they may be acting out while you are not around. Start by investigating the reasons for their barking. It might be a simple fix of blocking their view to keep them from reacting to the cars outside. If they are bored, try increasing their mental stimulation with a toy or hiring a dog walker to break up their day.

If this is a part of a larger problem, The Spruce Pets recommends you try to teach your dog the “speak” and “quiet” commands. When your dog barks, do not reward them with your attention. Be wary of shouting back as well; your pet may misinterpret it as play and keep barking instead.

Upstanding Citizen

Few things are as unpleasant as not feeling welcome in your neighbourhood. You do not want your pup to be the reason your neighbours do not like you. Teach your dog good manners and be mindful of your neighbours yourself. It will make the neighbourhood better for everyone.

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