How to Make Your Dog Feel Like a Part of the Family

If you have four legged kids as well as human ones, it is important to pay equal attention to your pet as before. It is important that your dog feels like they belong and are loved, supported, and cared for, and they can give back all the love they receive from you and the rest of the family. Below you will find a few tips on how to make the most out of your time with your precious pet and make them feel a part of the pack.

Feeding Time

The first thing you have to think about is the feeding time. To prevent your dog from begging under the table, you might want to feed them at the same time you are having a meal. This way, they will feel like they are a part of the pack eating, and get used to a healthy diet, instead of looking for snacks and table scraps all the time. Explain to your kids that dogs need a special diet to stay healthy.

Position Their Bed Carefully

If you want them to be a part of the family, you might want to position their bed where the family action happens, unless they are older and need some peace and quiet sometimes. In this case, you might want to have two beds; one close to the living room, and one away from the noise kids make, so your pet can have some relaxing “me time”.

Look after Their Health

It is crucial that you take your dog to regular checkups, so they appreciate that you look after them, It might be a good idea to visit the vet with the rest of the family, so everyone can be on the same page about what is good for them and what you should be careful with. You can make a plan to calm them down together after a vaccination or a treatment.

Let Them Bond with the Family

It is crucial that you don’t exclude your dog. If you are planning a holiday, be sure that they can go with you and enjoy the same experiences as you do. Finding a dog friendly accommodation is not as hard as it used to be; you can get a log cabin, a camping site, or even a pet friendly B and B to travel with your dog and make the most out of your time together.

Walks Together

Walking a dog should not be a chore, instead make it into a family program. Plan your journey and ensure that everyone takes turns when it comes to bonding with your pet or playing on the beach. If you have smaller kids who find it challenging to keep your dog on the leash and stay in control, you might want to get a dog walking bag to make everyone’s life easier.  

Dogs love family life and want to be a part of it. Make sure that you are able to improve your relationship and find a way for every family member to bond with your pet.


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