Merrie takes a trip to The Pets at Home Groom Room

Pets At Home Groom Room with a 5 month Newfoundland

Newfoundland’s need a lot of grooming! Thankfully Merrie seems to enjoy being brushed, if she has a toy to chew on, not the brush! Pets at Home got in touch and asked if we would like to take Merrie to a Groom Room for a Puppy Pamper, which of course we said yes!

With the Newfoundland having a double layer coat, it is extremely important to ensure they are groomed regularly, either at a Grooming place or you can learn to do it yourself, which will work out much cheaper, but its sometimes difficult to bathe a 59kg dog in the winter! It might be wroth considering having a professional groom once every three months and then doing the daily grooming yourself, it will be required more often when they are losing their old coat, it’s not unusual for us to have enough fur to make an entire Newfie floor statue!

The Puppy Groom is specifically for puppies aged 3 – 6 months and includes

  • a bath
  • brush through of the coat
  • gentle blow dry
  • eyes and ears cleaned
  • paw tidy if needed
  • Nail Clip

All of this for just £20 regardless of the size of the puppy, which I think represents fabulous value for money.

Merrie was also treated to The VIP Treatment, which is an upgrade on the service for an extra £10, this includes

  • Application of teeth clean gel and fresh breath foam
  • Paw Wax
  • SPA Blueberry facial
  • Luxury or Natural Shampoo (Merrie chose luxury of course!)
  • Hydrating Butter Treatment
  • Spritz of fragrance
  • Free Bandana.

It was the first Merrie had been for a groom, she has been used to brushes since she was old enough to be brushed and we have our own blower, so she had experienced those before.

When we arrived at Pets at Home in Lowestoft, Merrie was immediately at home as the lady on the desk gave her a treat! The Groom Room in Lowestoft is located upstairs, there is a lift to take you up there, but Merrie decided she would tackle the stairs!

We were met by Chloe and Joelle, the reception area is bright and clean, with lots of jars of treats, that Merrie found in all the secret places! Merrie had a good explore around the area to get used to it, we filled out the paperwork and then went through to the bathing area. I obviously went through with Merrie to record, but usually the owners leave their dogs to be groomed and return an hour later, the Pets at Home is situated on a large industrial estate with various shops and supermarkets, so plenty of places to go for an hour!

Merrie happily went into the bath, and enjoyed her bubble bath.


After she had been washed and shampooed, she gave a big shake, then it was time for a towel dry, before she was given a blow dry. They placed a cover over her ears to dry out the excess moisture from her ears and to block out some of the noise from the dryers.

Pets at Home Groom Room

After she was fully dried and extremely fluffy, she had her nails clipped and her pads shaved, a good clean of her ears and lots of pampering products applied, which smell wonderful.

As part of the VIP treatment she was given a bandana (extra large puppy one I think!)



We had a brilliant time at The Groom Room and Merrie managed to stay clean for at least a day, but she smelled delicious for five days!

To see exactly what went on, take a look at our little video!

* We were provided with a Puppy Groom and VIP Treatment package free of charge for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

If you have a puppy under 6 months Pets at Home offer a full puppy groom for just £20 not only is it great value for money but it gets your puppy used to grooming.


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