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Hi, My name is Mandi, you can find out more about me and my family over at Big Family Organised Chaos and Big Family Little Adventures.

This blog has been started to document our life with Merrie the Newfoundland.

Ever since I saw the Newfoundland Rescue Display Team at a Gala in 1999, I have wanted to own a Newfoundland, and little did I know that Asa my husband had been wanting one for years, even before we had met. We now feel that the time is right to fulfil that dream. Our youngest child Viggo is now 4 and big enough to cope with a bouncy puppy, we have lots of willing volunteers to help take care of Merrie, in the older children.

We began searching a few months ago and found a lovely litter in Cornwall, which is quite a way to go, but we are very happy with our choice. We debated for a few days trying to decide on a name we all agreed with and eventually we chose Merrie.

Her mum is known as Lady Legolas and dad is Onyx Odyssey. She is black with some small bits of white, this was the photo that made our mind up which puppy to choose.

Newfoundland puppy 4 weeks old being held in arms

We collect Merrie on Friday and everyone is VERY excited!


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