Welcoming A New Puppy Into A Home With Children

Being able to bring a new family member home is always exciting, but when it’s a family member with four paws and a lot of fur, the excitement is something else altogether. Congratulations on your new puppy! It’s going to take some hard work and a lot of patience to introduce your new pup to the rest of the family – particularly when children are in the home, too. There is a lot to prepare for your new arrival, but if you follow our steps properly, your new dog will settle in just fine.

A New Puppy Checklist!
Other than a bundle of love and cuddles, your puppy needs some other things! There are plenty of great dog products that you can invest in to make your home comfortable for your new puppy. Make a list though, you won’t resist spending a little cash to make your dog happy! Here’s the list of the most important things that you need:
Dog beds – get more than one, nervous pups tend to soil these quickly.
Food and treats – food for every day, treats for training.
Rope toys – dogs love to chew, and the longer lasting the toy, the more fun for the whole family.
Food and water bowls – try and buy the ones with the grips, excitable puppies have a habit of chasing these around the kitchen otherwise.
Collar and lead.
Dog crate – your pup will need a safe place with their blanket to retreat and take a breath from the rest of the family, plus your dog needs somewhere to be when they’re alone.

Your puppy needs to settle to your new house, so if you ask your breeder, they should be able to give them rag or blanket that smells familiar for them to take to their new home. Adopting an animal is a big decision, but introducing a new puppy is equally big with a lot of responsibility.

Introducing Your Puppy To The House
Creatures of habit, dogs are sociable animals with a loyal heart. They will learn through association, so if you can provide them with a stable environment, they will quickly learn that they are safe and they won’t feel so stressed. Children have to be quiet and slow at first; no matter how excitable your puppy. Let them cuddle the puppy and take a few licks; puppy will want to sniff everyone to get to know you all. Patience and a positive reward system is vital for their successful settling in period.

Young children will be excited, but it’s so important that you teach them they must be calm. Dogs and children generally live happily together, each feeding off the energy of the other. However, rough play can get a little too rough, and a mutual respect must be taught at a young age. Allow your puppy the chance to have a wander through the house, showing them their own crate space so that when they’ve had enough, they can retreat with their blanket for some quiet time.

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