Swimming Pool for Dogs on Amazon Prime

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Top 5 Gifts To Give A Pet Lover

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5 Tips for Bringing A New Dog into the Home

A house isn’t a home without a dog, is what they say. When you finally get your pooch into your home, you’ll hopefully know that it was the right decision. Still, it’s not all going to be plain sailing, at least not without a little bit of work, at least. This, after all, is a … Read more

Starting A Livery Yard: A Guide For First-Timers

If you currently own a property with a large amount of land, you may have wondered how that land can best be used to generate an income for your family. For animal lovers, one of the most popular ideas is to open a livery yard.  What is a livery yard? A livery yard is a … Read more

Dogs and Sunburn

Dogs and sunburn. Just like humans, need protection from the harmful effects of the sun. In the bright and beautiful days of summer, it’s common to see dogs frolicking at the beach, riding on boats, and hiking the trails with their sun loving owners, whether at home or travelling. Yet, not all dog owners realise … Read more

Five Ways to Make Your Dog Fitter and Healthier

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Care Of A Dog After Neutering

Care of A Dog After Neutering is a very important lesson to learn, here we give you some advice on what to expect and how to deal with it. A spay or neuter surgery is often a new dog owner’s first experience caring for a dog that’s just undergone surgery. So understandably, caring for a … Read more