Maintaining Your New Home With A Puppy Around

Moving to a new home can be a big factor in deciding to get a puppy or a dog. Now that you’ve got more space or even a garden for the first time, a dog could be just what you need to make your house a home.

Unfortunately, a new home and a puppy can be a bad mix. While you’ll be protective over your furniture and flooring, there’s also a lot in your home that could cause harm to your puppy.

Make sure you’re truly ready for the fun and love a puppy can bring by learning to puppy-proof your new home.

Give them a bed of their own
Dogs will quickly adopt their own bed, and making sure your puppy has one from the start can help protect your other furniture, while also giving them a safe space to retreat to when they need some time on their own. You can find dog beds available here in various sizes and designs that will give you plenty of options for your pup. Add some cosy blankets and a couple of toys to help them settle in and they’ll soon love their new bed.

Keep your rubbish somewhere safe
A rubbish bag and a puppy is a recipe for disaster! Even the most well-fed of puppies won’t be able to resist a rubbish bag if they see one, so make sure you keep your rubbish away from prying noses. If you have a large wheelie bin, always keep your rubbish in there – don’t leave a bin bag outside where your pup might get to it easily.

Secure any cabling or wires
A curious pup could easily choose through a wire if left to their own devices. While a new pup should always be supervised, you shouldn’t take any chances with the wires in your home. Pet-proofing household cables is easily done, and you can also use deterrent sprays to keep them away. Don’t leave any unnecessary wires on the floor or dangling from a surface or tape up anything which could be a potential trip hazard from your pup.

Train them young
Your puppy will want to snuggle up and enjoy some cuddles with you, but this is not good news if you want to protect your sofas and chair! Training your puppy to stay off the furniture is best done while they’re young, or you can train them to stay away from certain furniture items. If you want your pet to join you on the sofa, invest in some blankets and throws you can put down to stop fur getting everywhere while keeping your sofa fabrics free from scratches.

Puppy-proofing your home is just one of the things you need to do when welcoming a puppy into your home. It’s easier than you might think to find that balance and ensure that your new house stays looking new. Some effective training and some common-sense are all it takes to help you all enjoy your new home together.

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